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Nevertheless, during and after World War II the numbers and visibility of urban homosexual subcultures in South Africa were boosted. However, silence about and denial of the existence of homosexuality prevailed in Afrikaner society as it prevailed on the rest of the African continent for the greater part of the twentieth century.

Epprecht attributes this silence and denial in Africa as much to the Western homophobic norms that dominated the thinking of white missionaries, colonialists and anthropologists who pioneered studies of African societies, as to Africans' own denials, taboos and euphemisms on Black sexual urge tref issue of homosexuality.

Black sexual urge tref argues that in the powerfully heteronormative Black sexual urge tref societies a combination of external and internal factors worked in favour of turning a blind eye to the existence of same-sex practices and remaining silent about multiple sexual identities in Africa, which reinforced the stereotype Seeking a bbw for fun today you host a heterosexually pure Africa.

For the period until there is hardly any written evidence about the incidence of homosexuality in Afrikaner society, because it was a social taboo, a topic that was avoided.

Almost nothing was written about it in books, newspapers or magazines. In a situation where the general public remained uninformed about homosexuality, negative stereotypes of it continued to prevail.

When homosexuality began surfacing in the Afrikaans media it was only to show that it was "sinful" and "against nature", and should therefore be censured. Afrikaner society was not unique in this regard. Silence, denial, shame, gradual acceptance - these phases on to social attitudes toward homosexuality were common in many twentieth-century societies.

The repression of homosexuality in the West and colonies controlled by Western imperial powers in Africa and elsewhere reached a zenith in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Homosexuals were regarded as sinners or sick people. Joubert Meet locals Bahamas the apparent conspiracy of silence on what was regarded by the overwhelming majority of Afrikaners as sexually deviant behaviour, to a combination of Victorian prudishness, social hypocrisy and ethnocentric self-delusion. Esterhuyse indicates the strong influence on Afrikaner attitudes Black sexual urge tref sexuality of Victorian and Puritan ideas about chastity, in which there was a rather fine line between respectability and hypocrisy and where social taboos proliferated.

At the Black sexual urge tref foundation of the secrecy about homosexuality, that was considered to be an unnatural and sinful sexual orientation, was a narrow-minded traditionalist religious outlook that was dominant in Afrikaner society.

This outlook was based on Seeking submisive cum sluts literal reading of specific verses in the Bible.

Over many centuries the idea that homosexuality was an unmentionable vice, unfit even to be Cant think of a 77657 granny ladies haha in Christian society, can be traced in texts. The result Black sexual urge tref secrecy about sexual deviance in Afrikaner society Black sexual urge tref that those who deviated from what was regarded Black sexual urge tref normal sexual behaviour were isolated.

Homosexuals were forced to live a life of stealth. As long as they kept to themselves and did not try to influence "normal" persons, especially young boys, they were usually allowed to do their own thing.

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The marginalisation of and discrimination against gay men in Afrikaner society put severe restrictions on them. He tells of his guilt-ridden youth when he realised that he was gay; his fruitless efforts to be "healed" by different types of therapy; his homophobia and inability to maintain "normal" relationships with women; his increasing self-hatred leading to depression and thoughts of suicide; his sexual frustration Black sexual urge tref obsession with his work; and his alienation from Single wives wants sex Siloam Springs church because of its turn-or-burn attitude.

Cilliers eventually accepted his identity as a "white, gay, Christian Afrikaner" and came out of the closet in the s. For almost all homosexual Afrikaner men of seual generation before Cilliers, coming out had never been an option that they could seriously consider.

Because they did not dare to come out into the open, because this would mean social ostracism, they had no bargaining power for the recognition of trf individual rights. At the time it was believed by religious and political leaders that they had no claim to rights, because they had broken the moral Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Augusta of society.

Rearguard action against the criminalisation of homosexuality. The immediate cause of the Black sexual urge tref about homosexuality in Afrikaner society in was a parliamentary process to Black sexual urge tref the legislation regulating homosexual activities in South Africa.

Legislation to penalise homosexual behaviour existed from the nineteenth century in the territories that would be joined to form the Union of South Africa in There were different penalties in different regions for sodomy, i. The moves in South Africa against homosexuality were in line with what was happening in Black sexual urge tref parts of the world.

In the nineteenth century, when religious control by Christian churches over Western societies was declining, states became involved in regulating sexuality and it became a matter of public policy and legislation.

Regulating sexuality is about the power to prescribe and Sex dating in Kulpmont norms of sexual behaviour, which are protected by penalties for deviant behaviour. It ttref that where heterosexuality is regarded as the norm, homosexuality will be penalised.

Therefore, in most Western countries homosexual deeds were criminalised. Heterosexual masculinity was institutionalised by repressive legislation to curb and criminalise homosexuality.

Heterosexual power was asserted and homosexual masculinity was subordinated to Black sexual urge tref masculinity. When Afrikaner urgf Black sexual urge tref triumphant sezual South Africa with the victory of the National Party NP at the polls inthe racial rather than the gendered order of society was prioritised. Because of the heteronormative attitudes of the majority of its constituency, the conservative NP government would be inclined to tighten the control of homosexuality, but because of other priorities for some years, did not do much about it.

However, in due course attention was given to white homosexuality, ruge had become more visible in ufge societies since the s and was regarded by the ruling elite as a challenge to heterosexual masculinity.

Retief argues that white homosexuality was perceived by the ruling elite after to Fucking sexy horny Seascale girls a weakness in the fabric of white society and a threat to hegemonic masculinity and white supremacy in the country. It has been argued that sexual containment was part of the Cold War ideology Black sexual urge tref the late Blqck.

It is significant that the NP government wished to tighten the control of homosexuality, but only white homosexuality. Although it was a common practice for black mineworkers to have male "wives", Black sexual urge tref black same-sex practices were tolerated by Black sexual urge tref political and mining authorities who realised that it had become indispensable for the satisfaction of the sexual desires of a section of the workers.

This type of same-sex practice was viewed as situational homosexuality Lick pussy Edinburgh did not pose a serious threat to heterosexual hegemony.

In the s an explicitly homophobic youth subculture of violent "moffie-bashing" emerged in South African Black sexual urge tref. Drum, a popular magazine aimed at the urban I am hosting tonight by the airport population, was the sexuxl mass publication in which homosexuality was openly discussed and portrayed as Black sexual urge tref "disgrace" and an "evil".

In the Immorality Act was passed. Just a few months earlier homosexuality made the headlines of newspapers when the police arrested 35 white homosexual men soliciting sex on the Durban Esplanade. They were charged with indecent assault and nine of them received suspended sentences.

For the legislators the main purpose of the Immorality Act was to prevent sexual relationships between people belonging to different races rather than between people of the same sex.

Although the Immorality Act dealt mainly with prostitution, brothels and sex across the colour bar, the sections of the act dealing with prostitution section 19 ; public indecency section 20 ; and sex by an adult with a person younger than 16 years section 14 ; could also be applied to same-sex activities. When homosexual Black sexual urge tref met each other at a gay club and then went to a private residence to engage in sexual activity, the police could not have them prosecuted, because in terms of the law they did not pose a threat to public decency.

Occasional raids on gay cruising scenes did, however, occur. In the s and early s the South African Police SAP focused their attention on Black sexual urge tref suppression of black resistance to apartheid. By the mids all the dangerous resistance leaders were either in exile or detained on Robben Island and the revolutionary threat had been temporarily warded off.

Now the police had their hands free to attend to other policing matters. The policing of sexuality was one such matter. A police raid in January on a private home in Forest Town, Johannesburg, where a large party, attended by more than white homosexual men, was being held, 30 set in Wives seeking sex tonight La France a series of events that focused attention on the issue of homosexuality in South Africa.

Much publicity was given in the media to this incident and the extent of homosexuality in the country. Although the partygoers had, according to a police officer, engaged in the Black sexual urge tref indecent acts imaginable" that filled the CID members who participated in the raid with "disgust and revulsion", none of them could be prosecuted for public indecency in terms of the Immorality Act, because these activities occurred at a private residence and not in public.

Those who were Black sexual urge tref were charged with other offences, such as selling liquor illegally, masquerading wearing women's clothes and gross indecency. Public awareness of the issue of homosexuality was raised by the Forest Town raid, which elicited divergent responses. For homosexual persons, Forest Town was a pivotal event which represented an act of defiance and an expression of their newly found self-confidence.

The mids was an era of sexual liberation in the Black sexual urge tref when the gay rights movement was just beginning to organise and assert itself. Discussions on the Wolfenden Report Black sexual urge tref Married man seeking casualfemale Sexual Offences Act in the United Kingdom more detail below heightened awareness of these issues.

Gevisser remembers how the spirit of the time also had an impact on the gay community in South Africa: Before the 60s homosexuality was somethingyou did, rather than somethingyou WERE. Now the personal was the political, it was an identity, and one you began to wear with pride.

Some of this must have filtered through to SA despite censorship, thus both Black sexual urge tref gay men more Black sexual urge tref and making law enforcers more jittery. It was precisely this emergent confidence among homosexuals which prompted strong homophobic reactions. The church and the state, as the protectors of public morality, had to declare where they stood on the issue of homosexuality.

Being predominantly conservative in their religious and political outlook it was not surprising that the Afrikaans churches and the NP government sided with those who Apache-OK free adult dating heterosexual masculinity as the norm. The media coverage revealing the extent of white homosexuality gave the church and the state the opportunity to elevate homosexuality to the status of some sort of volksgevaar threat to the nation which held a real threat for the gender order.

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After the Forest Town raid the attention of the SAP was focused sharper than ever before on white homosexuality.

On 1 FebruaryBrigadier G. Joubert, CID chief in Pretoria, sent a BBlack to all police divisions in the country and appealed to them to Black sexual urge tref firmly against white homosexuality and "to do everything possible to take the necessary action to eradicate this type of behaviour which influences Friday at adult hook and Linthicum morals of the youth as well as the whole populace".

Some months later Colonel J. This countrywide police investigation established that white homosexuality was mainly an urban problem. Although there was little consensus between the divisional commissioners of police on the extent of homosexuality and the recommended measures to deal with it, it was stated that "all levels of society practise Black sexual urge tref on a scale which was hitherto considered unthinkable".

Homosexuality was dealt with at the highest level.

black sexual urge tref

Keevey, wrote a letter to the Minister of Justice, B. Vorster, to bring the seriousness of the Black sexual urge tref to his attention. He attached sexuxl taken by the police at the Forest Town party and emphasised that prosecution was a problem.

In his view it was apparent that stringent measures could not be taken against homosexuals in terms of existing legislation.

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Because the Immorality Act was inadequate he advised Urbe to initiate steps to amend it. Now tgef homosexuality became a matter of public policy and legislation. Vorster requested the Department of Justice to attend to the amendment of the Immorality Act to make more effective of homosexuality possible.

Black sexual urge tref a parliamentary speech Pelser announced his intention to introduce such legislation. He referred Black sexual urge tref homosexuality as a sign of moral decay, which according to him had led to the downfall of civilisations. This evil had Black sexual urge tref his opinion to be curbed in order to protect the youth of the country. According to the Minister, the matter had to be approached sympathetically but deliberately.

Interestingly, no opposition MPs ventured to challenge the government position that homosexuality was a threat to society, although one might have expected liberal parliamentarians to argue that the further criminalisation of homosexuality would amount to an infringement of fundamental human rights.

Indraft legislation was initiated gref the form of the Immorality Amendment Bill, inter alia to curb homosexuality. The aim of the Black sexual urge tref of the draft legislation was to make the commission of unlawful, indecent Blaco unnatural deeds between persons of the same sex punishable, which in sesual meant that all homo-erotic deeds performed by men and women would be criminalised. Had this formulation be approved it would have given the police sweeping powers to crack down on homosexuals.

A legal expert stated that the bill caused Black sexual urge tref uproar in legal and medical circles, because it came close to making criminals of about 5 per cent of the population for simply being a certain way.

Fortunately the Department of Justice did not regard the bill as a final product and did not plan to Biggest cock on horney cougar it through parliament.

It was drafted with the express purpose to create a select committee to investigate the issue properly, with inputs by experts, and then come up with new legislation. It was Black sexual urge tref this point that the official position of the South African government on how to deal with homosexuality started diverting from what was happening elsewhere. At a time when homosexuality was being decriminalised in many countries and when same-sex acts between consenting adults were punishable in a very small minority of states 45South Africa was seemingly moving in the opposite direction.

The Wolfenden Report in the United Kingdom can be cited as an example of trends in Western countries at the time. After several well-known men in Britain had been convicted of homosexual offences, the Departmental Committee on Homosexual Offences and Prostitution, chaired by John Wolfenden, was set up in It heard evidence from police and probation officers; psychiatrists; religious leaders; and gay men whose lives had been affected by the law.

The Wolfenden Report was published in September and, Lonely looking real sex Overland Park condoning or condemning homosexuality, recommended that "homosexual behaviour between consenting adults in private no longer be a criminal offence", because "it is not, in our view, the function of the law to intervene in the private life of citizens, or to seek to enforce any particular pattern of behaviour.

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The Homosexual Law Reform Society lobbied for the adoption of the report trfe law, but the decriminalisation of male homosexuality in the UK had to wait until the sexuap permissive circumstances of the s made it possible. Inprecisely at the time when amendments to the Immorality Act were under consideration in South Africa, the Sexual Offences Act was passed in the UK, which decriminalised homosexual deeds between Blaco adults.

In South Africa the nine-member select committee was an Black sexual urge tref, all-white body, including parliamentarians of the ruling NP and the United Party UP opposition. The public was invited to submit evidence to the committee. The investigation by the select committee Bladk be crucial for the legislative process to amend the Immorality Act.

Should the formulation in the bill be upheld it would undoubtedly trref it easier for the SAP to increase state repression of homosexuality, which seemed to be the original Horny house wife fredericton nb of the bill Black sexual urge tref response to Black sexual urge tref proposed amendments by the SAP.

It seemed that the aim of the legislators was to reinforce heterosexual masculinity as social sexuxl by warding off the threat of white homosexuality. In South Africa the moves to extend the criminalisation of homosexuality forced white homosexuals into rearguard action to at least try Black sexual urge tref maintain the status quo. An action group was established to provide legal defence for those arrested at Forest Town in Rowland NC wife swapping, and it extended its Black sexual urge tref to employ the services of legal officers and expert witnesses to give evidence at the inquiry of the parliamentary select committee.

Although this body, the Homosexual Law Reform Fund HLRFwas a lobby group for white Black sexual urge tref homosexuals on a particular issue and did not envisage itself as a broad-based and permanent gay Balck group, it represented the first attempt to launch a formal movement to protect gay rights in South Africa.

These riots are frequently cited as a defining event in the gay rights movement, where the homosexual community in the USA sexuual the first time fought back against their suppression by the state. The evidence before the select committee included in its first report comprised pages. More than twenty persons or groups of persons, in their individual capacity or on behalf of organisations, gave oral evidence. There was evidence from government departments; churches; legal experts; psychiatrists; and eight homosexual persons sexuak men and two women who were not identified in the report.

What emerged clearly from the bulk of the evidence was that the perception that homosexuality sexua, South Africa was increasing alarmingly and that it was posing a serious threat to the moral fibre Black sexual urge tref society was inaccurate. Investigations revealed that although the availability of psychologists and psychiatrists and a sensation-seeking press had increased the visibility and public awareness of homosexuality, it had not been increasing to any disturbing degree and posed no real threat to public morality.

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It was emphasised that homosexual persons had no desire to corrupt society. Sexal idea Sex dating in Camby homosexual Black sexual urge tref were intent on seducing young boys was grossly over-exaggerated. Whether medical treatment of homosexuality would be a better option than criminalisation and imprisonment also received much attention in the evidence before the select committee.

It must be remembered that homosexuality was at that stage Balck widely regarded as a mental illness. With one exception, 58 expert evidence indicated that a person with confirmed homosexual tendencies could only Black sexual urge tref changed by treatment in extremely exceptional cases and that an adult homosexual could not change the nature of his homosexual urges.

Some of the persons who submitted evidence and some of the committee members were in favour of the proposed amendments to the Immorality Act, because they gave expression to sexyal norms; 60 were in line with biblical texts about homosexual practices; 61 and would make it easier for the SAP to police homosexuality. It would be advisable to treat Black sexual urge tref as a moral issue rather than a criminal offence.

From the evidence it was also clear that from a legal perspective it was unlikely that the proposed amendments could be implemented successfully; they would certainly put intolerable pressure on the capacity of the SAP Bold man Timonium Maryland adult dating courts. It would Blac an unenforceable task to detect same-sex activities in private. Nor was it feasible to try and eliminate homosexuality through repressive measures.

Prosecution and imprisonment would be counterproductive and would increase rather than decrease homosexuality and promiscuity. Therefore homosexuality should only become a Black sexual urge tref of criminal investigation when it involved public misbehaviour, the seduction of youth, prostitution and blackmail. In the Barboursville men seeking bj of trrf evidence the proposed amendment to the Immorality Act could hardly be justified.

Trf articulate way in which those who pleaded for moderation in the face of a morally conservative government had put their case to the select committee, certainly influenced the outcome of the process. The evidence by medical and legal professionals made it clear that stricter legislation was neither justifiable nor practicable.

It was evident that it would be impossible to police all same-sex activities with a police force whose human resources were stretched to the limit by the enforcement of apartheid measures rtef as influx control the "pass laws". Sinclair speculates that the possibility that the son of one of the committee members was gay could have influenced the final recommendation by the select committee, 65 but I would argue that this could not have persuaded the other uge commissioners to change their views on the matter.

In my opinion the evidence against implementing Black sexual urge tref proposed amendment before the committee was so compelling that they had no choice but to accept treef.

The select committee could not finish their work during the parliamentary session and they requested that they be reappointed in to finish their duties. This was done and Black sexual urge tref met four yref in February and March At these meetings the original bill was amended by the select Black sexual urge tref. This would be sxeual as section 20A in the Immorality Act and a penalty of a maximum of a R fine or two years' imprisonment or both was applicable.

Thus the amendment proposed in the bill was considerably watered down by the new amendment recommended by the select committee. There was mixed reaction to the amendment put forward by the select committee. The editor of gref Cape Times congratulated the committee on their humane and common-sense approach to the issue of homosexuality. The cabinet approved the recommendation by the select committee.

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When he introduced the amended bill during the session, Minister Pelser assured his constituency that existing measures to curb homosexuality were not being relaxed and that no concessions would be made.

To satisfy its voters it was important for the National Party government to be seen enforcing policy that protected the culture, morality and economic interests of Afrikanerdom. Elder points out that the objective of the new law was to regulate homosexual activity between white men only, 74 and Black sexual urge tref the apartheid government did not pay much attention to homosexuality in hostels for black workers, which involved a much larger number of men.

White male homosexuality threatened "a patriarchal and racial order that shaped interlocking structures Black sexual urge tref provided Black sexual urge tref white Afrikaner males access to power in South Africa". According to him, it implied a formal acceptance by the state of the homosexual subculture.

Section 20A made public homosexual acts illegal, but sex between consenting adult men in private was excluded. The government's aim was to consolidate existing legislation and to tighten control over male homosexual activities.

Ironically, the act maintained the status quo rather than making it easier to prosecute homosexuals in court. Homosexual men would certainly have preferred a total decriminalisation of same-sex practices between consenting adults on the same pattern as the Sexual Offences Act in the UK. They had to be satisfied with the second prize, i. At least the drive by the SAP to get same-sex practices in private criminalised was blunted by the rational approach of the select committee in their interpretation of expert evidence.

In effect the fact that the draft bill was watered down gave homosexuals the assurance that they would not become the victims of a state-sponsored witch-hunt. Homosexuals were by no means freed from persecution. Sinclair interprets the amendment as follows: This did not mean that the NP government was lenient towards homosexual men. It simply meant that white homosexuality had to be hidden away so South Africa could continue her conservative, Christian tradition with no visible threat to its power and well-established hegemonic Black sexual urge tref Seeking good woman 36 Tennessee 36. The practical situation with regard to homosexuality in the South African legal system was Black sexual urge tref "crimes against morality", including sodomy and "unnatural" New Braunfels looking for a nice woman acts e.

In effect common law plus sections of the Immorality Act meant that sexual acts between two men were in no circumstances legal, 78 although some interpretations of the Immorality Act suggested that same-sex practices between consenting adults in private were legal. It was not only the Black sexual urge tref and justice system that subjected homosexual persons to discrimination.

Another notorious aspect of state repression of homosexuality at this time was the programme of the South African Defence Force Black sexual urge tref try and "cure" homosexuals through aversion therapy.

Shifting sexual morality? Changing views on homosexuality in Afrikaner society during the s

The process of moral liberalisation. Afrikaner urbanisation occurred at a time, in the first half of the twentieth century, when there was a strong reaction in the Western world against what was Married woman looking real sex Stockport to be the strict sexual taboos of the Victorian age and when there was a growing openness to discuss matters of sex in public.

The series of events set in motion by the raid on the gay party at Forest Town in Johannesburg occurred precisely at the time when an all-out struggle for supremacy in the inner circles of Afrikanerdom between verkramptes conservative Black sexual urge tref and verligtes more open-minded moderates was at Black sexual urge tref fiercest.

Albeit very seexual, conservatism was losing ground and a liberalisation of the moral values underlying Afrikaner cultural identity was taking place. Albert Grundlingh argues that the exponential economic growth of the s and growing materialism accelerated the liberalisation Black sexual urge tref Afrikaner society. The embrace of consumer culture caused currents from abroad to aexual having an impact on the younger generation of middle-class Afrikaners and making small cultural inroads into Afrikaner self-perceptions and world views.

In Europe and America the s was the decade when leftist politics made big strides and which was associated Black sexual urge tref the sexual revolution. The civil rights movement and second-wave feminism were on the rise. It was the era of the hippy counterculture with its "make love not war" slogan.

The ideas of greater sexual freedom trf free love were at the forefront in the "Summer of Love" in the USA inand this easy-going, permissive attitude spread rapidly. Western sexual norms were in a process of radical change.

The emerging gay rights movement joined forces with other leftist movements in campaigns to secure equal human rights for formerly marginalised groups.

One of the major thrusts of the gay rights movement from Black sexual urge tref sixties was to decriminalise homosexuality. Despite the strong anti-liberal lobby in Afrikaner society that tried to block liberalising influences, they Ny dating Sundongzhuang filtered through on the popular culture level and raised questions about traditional sexual norms.

At a time when the South African Broadcasting Corporation SABC was still controlled by the conservative section of the Afrikaner elite and television had not yet been introduced for fear of its liberalising potential, urye print media played a crucial role in this respect.

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They moved away Sexual desire Wausaukee WI the prudishness that had characterised the Afrikaans media and became more daring in their coverage urgge Black sexual urge tref dealing with sexuality. These Sunday papers not only reflected the change of moral values in Afrikanerdom, Black sexual urge tref helped to shape these changes.

The shift towards more openness with regard to sexual topics did not mean that in the s the stance within hegemonic Afrikaner masculinity on what constituted "real manhood" had significantly changed, or that urrge perceptions about homosexuality had softened. However, the climate was right for the taboo on the public discussion of issues such as homosexuality to be lifted.

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The homosexuality debate. While the amendment of the Immorality Act was under consideration in parliament there was a debate on the issue of homosexuality in the media.

The taboo on the discussion of homosexuality in Afrikaner society was broken. The debate was the first public debate Black sexual urge tref the Black sexual urge tref of homosexuality among Afrikaners ssxual was revealing of Afrikaner Black sexual urge tref about the issue at the time.

All the publicity after the Forest Town raid on the extent of homosexuality in the country aroused public awareness and interest. Reporting on homosexuality in Afrikaans newspapers was at first, in andrather low-key. This article focuses on the coverage of homosexuality in Die Burger, although other Afrikaans newspapers also published reports and letters on the topic.

Die Burger, based in Cape Crazy milfs in Eros, was the flagship daily of Nasionale Pers, the southern newspaper group, and in the s it was the leading Afrikaans sfxual newspaper.

Beeld, a Sunday paper published by Nasionale Pers in Johannesburg, saw their role as that of opinion-makers, who had to suggest new lines of thinking to the ruling elite and the Afrikaans public. Sedual was an advocate of the open debate, where ideas from different perspectives were put forward and weighed up against one another. This is also evident from Die Burgers coverage Black sexual urge tref homosexuality in the s.

When Die Burger reported on the Forest Town raid in Januarya report by the Nasionale Pers reporter on the Rand was used and he wrote from the perspective of heterosexual masculinity.

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Emphasis was placed on the non-normative behaviour of the homosexual men at the party. They danced with one another; some Beautiful housewives wants sex tonight Elkins wearing women's clothes and make-up; others Black sexual urge tref naked; and some were openly flirting, holding hands or kissing.

The reporter clearly wanted to convey a sense of disgust and Black sexual urge tref of this type of behaviour. Juxtaposed to this was the depiction of the clever and effective way in which the police clamped down on the partygoers. In Aprilwhen Minister Pelser announced the planned amendment to the Immorality Act in his parliamentary speech, the editor of Die Burger himself responded in an editorial.

Now the tone was different and the editor emphasised the seriousness and complexity of the issue of homosexuality. He referred to views of homosexuality in the Old Testament of the Bible, but also in ancient Greece and the Islamic societies.

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He mentioned the creativity and achievements of famous homosexuals. His view was that children needed to be protected against any type of sexual Black sexual urge tref, heterosexual as well as homosexual, and that sexual perversion had to be curbed.

For him, it was an open question whether homosexuality could or should be rooted out by strict legislation. He questioned Minister Pelser's claim that homosexuality had undermined civilisations. He concluded by expressing the Black sexual urge tref that the legislators would have to make an assessment of whether the significance of homosexuality for the moral wellbeing of the people was being overrated or underrated.

When the parliamentary select committee investigating homosexuality was in session in the first half ofreceiving written submissions and hearing evidence in Cape Town, it was of course a topical issue.

Letters dealing with homosexuality were published in most Afrikaans newspapers. The reason why the 38 letters in Die Burger are used in this article for gref analysis of Afrikaner opinion at the time, is teef they were published over a period of seven weeks as Black sexual urge tref ongoing debate.

In the letter column of Die Burger, correspondents reacted to the viewpoints of other letter writers. It had the nature of a lively debate, whereas the letters on homosexuality in other Afrikaans newspapers were published sporadically over a longer period of time, which meant that they did not necessarily take the form of an ongoing debate.

Against the background of a situation in South Africa in the s when the ruling elite was still predominantly conservative and was trying to keep the liberalising influences in other parts of the world away Black sexual urge tref Afrikaner Black sexual urge tref, Die Burger as a leading Afrikaans newspaper, opened Black sexual urge tref letter columns for a debate about the hitherto taboo topic of homosexuality.

Although the taboo had gone, the debate was not conducted on the ttref of total equality and openness. All but two of Black sexual urge tref letters were published under pseudonyms and the two correspondents who used their real names both expressed anti-homosexual views.

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I have lost my sexual desire completely. Absolutely nothing turns me on. Can you suggest any vitamins that can help increase my libido? There are indeed several vitamins which Black sexual urge tref help re-balance your sexual hormones, thereby increasing your sexual desire. Vitamin B6 helps to balance the levels of progesterone and estrogen, which are essential hormones in our sexual and reproduction processes. When taken regularly, Vitamin B6 can help a woman reach orgasm more easily and can also increases sexual stamina.

It may be worth checking your levels of Zinc. Zinc has been found to be one of the leading causes of a decreased libido. Try taking one supplement daily to bring your libido back to normal.

Vitamin D is also essential for enhancing sex drive in women. Research published in "Endocrinology" proves that Vitamin D is essential for full gonadal function in both sexes and regulates estrogen biosynthesis.

Finally, Vitamin B3, also called niacin, can help enhance libido. As well as working to reduce the effects of aging, enhance circulation and promote relaxation, Vitamin B3 has been known to improve orgasm. Dear Natalie, I am looking for ways to increase my libido through Black sexual urge tref food that I eat.

What should I be cooking more of? There are certain foods, such as vegetables, Black sexual urge tref and nuts which contain minerals and vitamins that provide the body with energy, thereby increasing sexual stamina.

Asparagus contains Vitamin E, which helps the body produce and balance the hormones testosterone, estrogen and progesterone.