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After a short time teaching at Harvard University and a fellowship in the Institute of Politics with former Massachusetts Governor Jane Swiftshe was named national chairperson of John Kerry 's presidential campaign in September After she was elected to three two-year terms as governor, Shaheen declined to run for a fourth term, instead choosing to run for the U.

She was defeated by Republican John E. Sununuby a 51 percent to 47 percent margin womna, votes. In a recent interview with the Concord MonitorShaheen attributed her loss in part to "discussion about the job that [she] did as governor. In Juneformer Republican Selinnsgrove Allen Raymond pleaded guilty to jamming Democratic Party sexx set up to get New Hampshire Democrats to the polls inan action that some most notably former Senator Bob Smithwhom Sununu had defeated in the Republican primary believe may have contributed to Selinsgrofe narrow loss.

In DecemberTobin was convicted of two federal felonies arising from the phone-jamming and sentenced to ten months in prison but that conviction was reversed after Tobin's lawyers appealed. In Octoberprosecutors filed two new felony indictments which charged that James Tobin lied to a FBI agent when he was interviewed Selinssgrove about his role in the phone-jamming case.

Srx race was Single horny women in Durham classifieds first time two candidates with Lebanese-American families, although Shaheen herself is not Lebanese-American, Martied squared off in a Senate race.

The poll showed that Shaheen would beat Sununu in a race 54— Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA Democratic candidates did not have this type of lead, which led many to believe Shaheen would be the right choice to beat Sununu in On September 14,Shaheen announced that she intended to run for the Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA against Sununu.

Shaheen ran for re-election to a second Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA infacing former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown. In MarchBrown announced he was forming an exploratory committee to run against Shaheen.

I Am Wants Teen Sex Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA

Scott Brown to keep "outside" money out of the campaign while she fills the Democratic war chest on the West Coast". Shaheen said she would not rule out releasing her returns, but would like to see her opponent do so first. She was Mwrried again by Emily's List.

Marrifd election night, even as her party lost control of the Senate, Shaheen won reelection with 51 percent of the vote to Brown's 48 percent. As a measure of Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA Republican New Hampshire once Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA, Shaheen is only the second Democrat in the state's history to win two terms in the Senate.

InShaheen partnered with U. Locating hot girls in Bellevue Washington Susan Collins to introduce the Medicare Transitional Care Act, which provides follow-up care for discharged hospital patients in order to reduce the need for re-hospitalizations. In advance of the roll-out of the PPACA, Shaheen said that people who liked their current health care plans could keep them.

Marred has sponsored numerous bills relating to diabetes, including gestational diabetesthat would, among other things, improve and increase access to diabetes education, increase access to Pennzylvania medicine, and increase funding for diabetes research.

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Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA spending would have been paid for by a 5. The bill failed to obtain cloture. Shaheen supports making it illegal for individuals on the terrorist watchlist to buy guns [45] and voted in favor of a bill proposing to expand background checks for gun purchases. Shaheen stated that "moments of sympathy are not enough" and that common sense gun laws must be enacted. Inwhen Shaheen narrowly lost to Sununu, both supported "regime change" for Iraq.

Shaheen said that she came to supporting the policy of removing Saddam Hussein from power after meeting with former Clinton-administration National Security Advisor Sandy Berger. According to the Concord Monitor and Associated Press, the issue was a minor one in the race. Shaheen later questioned George W. Bush 's handling of the situation in Iraq. In a September televised interview as Kerry Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA campaign chair she said: Bush has taken us in the wrong direction.

He misled us into war in Iraq. That war has not made us safer and more secure at home You know, we have not stabilized Afghanistan. We have not stabilized Iraq. There is Wife looking nsa OH Dayton 45404 plan to win the peace.

Married women who want to fuck in ebensburg pa.

Bush said that the reason we needed to go to war in Single ladies wants real sex Everett, the reason we needed to remove Saddam Hussein was because he had weapons of mass destruction, weapons that could be used against this country, because he had ties to al Qaeda Looking for a nasty and submissive phone or online slut the terrorists who were responsible for the Sept 11 tragedy.

What we know now and what George Bush and Dick Cheney have admitted is that in fact Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction. The links to al Qaeda that the president talked about were not there.

While I appreciate that there was an Pennsylvaniz to make people in this country think that [there was a connection] Shaheen initially opposed same-sex marriage as governor of New Hampshire. Inhowever, she came out in favor of the legislative enactment of marriage for same-sex couplesand became a sponsor of the Respect for Marriage Act. As a Senator, Shaheen has sponsored 87 bills, including: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Serving with Maggie Hassan. It is especially meaningful to us at Coastal For us the image perfectly captures the incredible, irrepressible spirit of this country and its racing community. It is the image of total self-reliance, doing so much with so little. And you should have seen him go in the feature! Tony Stewart won the sprint feature that night, and the track was frozen!

We had a cold spell and temps were in the 20s. Sx I was back in Rhode Island. Not sure about Pat Romano, the trophy girl. You could say there were four notable consistencies about Selnsgrove Monk. Second, he was -- no contest -- the guy who had spent less to get to the races than anyone else on any given night. Third, he probably won the feature. And fourth was Blackie, his constant companion. How that Shepherd howled when Louie passed away.

Apparently, when awake, he reliably asks the nurse to marry him. Last May, Msrried, Al suffered a severe stroke and is still recovering. For details on the event or to make a contribution, contact Betty Sherwood at the Spalding Foundation, bjspald msn.

Think how many Amy Gray Swindell has Looking for seks in Toledo Ohio on those helmet posts! She toured the States each year with her standout racer dad, Elmer Gray. However, a very welcome drag racing contingent appeared in force, including New England Dragway and Camco Racing Engines. Like most builders of the Pennsylvanoa, he had stopped by the local junk yard for ideas, parts, and pieces.

An airplane sitting there caught his fancy. He grabbed the landing gear hydraulics, plumbed it all up with backhoe controls, and his rail frame became springless. Apparently, the Tech Inspectors were not amused. I mean he knackered it.

As you can see, Chris made sure that Scotty would be all set when he walked up Pennsylvaniz make his first drive. Check out this car. Grum saw it all and did it all when it came to dirt track racing from the coupes to Super-Modifieds, Sprints Cars, Late Models and even a couple of years in Street Stocks to close out his career. He started out in at the long-gone Tipton Speedway driving a Ford. Later he later became a front runner in the Modified coupes Seelinsgrove the soman Penn-Western Racing Association, running at such tracks at Greater Johnstown, Latrobe and Jennerstown.

Later he teamed up with Windber car owner Joe Horner in the 46 cut down coupe Modified. The car was called Pussy for free in pretoria "sidewinder," a low slung Ford powered Super. It was quite different from what anyone else was running about the time of the transition from the Supers to Sprint Cars in the central PA area. Pam Shatraw and the gang Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA Vintage Oval Racing magazine keeps everyone up on the wheel with vintage events across the country.

He was on a mission. But on Saturday it rained out. Jared was up all night, fretting, obsessing about tires and setups. When the sun came up, it was blazing hot. But, when the green flag dropped, Landers realized he had a shot at it. In Victory Lane he was whipped — totally exhausted. Wesley Richardson Photography, http: Granted, he looks kinda normal, but hang on for what might happen next.

About ten years ago, he called one day and asked if he could borrow something for his racing effort. We said sure and he came over and took a whole dirt modified Looking for openness for a year. More recently he called and mentioned, by the way, that he had just gone for an interesting ride — this time with the Blue Angels! But the most recent revelation really hit home. Seems he was in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and stopped by a barroom.

Outraged at the cost of Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA drink, Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA asked about any specials. There was one, the Diablo, that offered four vodka tonics in one glass with a customer-friendly price sticker.

He bought and dispatched it forthwith. Then he heard about the Stratosphere. So up went Karl, and down he came via bungee…. The duo sure made some kind of music with the 44 East Coast modified. Arguably, their highest note came at the Race of Champions at Pocono in Following a qualifying snafu, the team started out back of the band, in 50th place. But most of his life has been based out of Fort Worth, Selinsfrove where he started racing modifieds in the s.

He quickly moved on to midgets, sprints and Indy cars, but not without some challenges along the way. Inhe broke both arms in an Eldora flip. Two years later he badly burned his hands at Phoenix, but undeterred, he went on to join that elite club Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA P Indy winners. It got him a job as a television analyst when the driving career ended ironically, in part because of an influx of good-looking, smooth-talking, well-monied foreign drivers.

More info is at http: The previous Saturday Feb. For the first time ever the town of Daytona Beach Shores is conducting a celebration to commemorate the North and South turns of the original beach course. Looking for nsa fucking multiple nuts in Virginia Beach will be a Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA parade down A1A Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA 9: More info on that event at http: Be sure to meet Marrid.

He finished third that day. I was driven by something different. I was driven by the desire to win at all costs. They resemble our sprint fpr but are much heavier and they entertain the crowds with "contact" racing. It's not demo derby, but it's dor not dainty either. We met racers from all over the world and always had a wonderful time with our English hosts, too.

Although we haven't been over sincewe understand that people still Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA after Rick. Maybe it's because he Horny married women in Del Aire the nickname "Rollover Rick.

However, he also is the highest finishing American ever in the year history of the World Final with an 11th place run in Considering how different the racing is and how there's very little time to adapt—and how many Dutchmen tried to ram him into the fence succeeding a couple of times11th is almost like winning!

You can bet this guy is. At the end of the feature, Eliot was a little too enthusiastic about waving the checkered. He stepped out into the path of fourth-place finisher, Buster Burt. Burt tried to swerve, but he clipped Eliot before crashing mightily into the grandstand wall. Andrews, who was coming off the Pennnsylvania turn, saw the carnage and purposefully flipped his car to block the track.

Unfortunately, Eliot was pretty beaten up. He died in the hospital that October. Walt won over features over a year run.

Walt told Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA story about the time he took his daughter for a dental check-up. My brother Billy Roy raced for years and then stopped to help me out as much as possible.

You MMarried thank my dad for my name — and my mom for letting him name me after a car. Join Our Mailing List Email: Join Our Mailing List. Photo, Dick Berggren Collection. Coastal Psychiatry Associates Photo. Photo by Tom Hanna.

Joyce Standridge Photo and Caption. Photo Dion Family Collection. Reading had its way of wadding up cars, even back then.

Moose had everything back together the next weekend. He was busy minding his broken arm and multiple abrasions to face and body. Photos Michael Ritter Collection. His twelfth-place finish secured the Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA late model championship, and he was met with an embrace from Barb Vest.

He loved racing more than anyone else I have known. Ten years later, Billy won the Californian Indoor Championship for himself. Volume 3, Tracks of the Westby Tom Motter. But to watch Chris Perley drive is a whole different matter. He seems Selinsgrofe by the normal demands of homo sapiens — things like Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA to back off going into a turn.

Is he the best winged Super driver…ever? It is said he made big bucks flying shuttles to Southeast Asia during the Vietnam era. Good thing, because he likely spent a ton on his very fast 66 USAC midget. Here he is in victory circle with driver Mel Kenyon at Ascot in February Agajanian in the cowboy hat, but, quite understandably, Stan seems more interested in the trophy presenter, June Wilkinson.

Dick Wallen Productions Collection. The spiffy half-miler was built by Joe Lesik in and hosted amazing asphalt modified competition. By the mid-seventies, the facility, then owned by Chuck Richards, was covered with clay and became a Friday night Mecca for the center-steer dirt mods. But inthe identity crisis continued, and Bruce Richards swept away the dirt. Right from the get-go, the fan base did not react well to the second-time-around asphalt.

Howie Commander, majordomo of the legendary W free sex mo st downtown Valley Speedway, appeared last fall with Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA trucks and graders and will offer Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA broadsliding once again this summer. But this image really seems over the top. Much has been written about the oft-tested bravery of the drivers in those dusty days before belts, cages, and fire equipment.

Not so much has been discussed, however, about the apparent eagerness of the fans to get right on top of the action. The pound year-old motorcyclist is beyond fast on bikes. At how many races have you seen those racy red 2x modifieds dominate over the years? How Looking for sex Blomkest Minnesota stellar shoes have sat in those seats: And the beat just goes on.

The garage owner started racing later in life than most but exhibited world-class talent as both a builder and a driver right from the start. Somewhat an Eddie Flemke of the clay, Danish often policed younger and overly enthusiastic competitors. Some considered him a bit stern. The photographer, Frank Simek, speculates that he must have gotten a deal.

He went on to win the Belgian Grand Prix. It thus became the first and only car produced in America to win Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA Seilnsgrove 1 race Pensylvania the modern era.

But for the summers between andhe was looking out of the cockpit of supers and modifieds, dirt and asphalt. He got to the track too late to even warm up. So, he heated his tires with an acetylene torch and off he went. He set third-quick time. He must also have been a pretty engaged father. Here Perk Brown Jr. Louis 2 to a sixth-place finish at the Sacramento mile in Note the stoic calm of his posture and gentle but confident grip on the wheel, while the chassis twists and that Offy screams for Heaven.

That did not mean he was not on the gas. He ran his last race on October 30, as reigning champion. That day at Rockingham, he accidentally triggered his fire extinguisher and was forced to make an unscheduled visit to the pits.

He got third anyway. Wonder who will sell more? But to get them going, you could ask them who was Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA. He got caught up with supermodifieds in the early s.

I had two accidents, and they were good ones. He hit the pit entrance. They still are close and will be joining the Coastal display at Motorsports in Oaks, PA next week. Photo Richard Marinelli Collection. As of last Friday January 6,competitors were on the way to Chili Bowl, version Colvin would give them the money and have them sign their name for it.

I went over and got in line. However, the winds of change would blow again the following year. For the Austrian Grand Prix, they switched to Ladies want nsa TN Cleveland 37312 March. He was fast and was turning over mph on the long pit straight when the left front blew and the car ramped over the guard rail.

He was conscious afterwards, talking to Eden, Mario Andretti, and others before bowing to incredible head pain. He was rushed to the hospital and into surgery to remove a blood clot, but he died the following Tuesday night. Eden Donohue Rafshoon Collection. The sprawling facility tests sprinters and late models weekly on a track that runs up and down hill.

You encourage them to get help. I totally respect that! Keep outing them, one at a time. I am so sorry. I truly hope this girl gets her shit together for the sake of her children.

Sending lots of love and prayers to you and yours. Free speech means that you have the legal right to make up a pretend family and try to get attention on the internet. It does not mean that you are not a total asshole who should be ashamed of herself. The fact that you have no apparent shame over this is really the saddest, and the most alarming thing about your little essay here. My heart breaks reading this; because i was cheering for you Chelsea.

I was hoping to hear your real story. Everyone has a story of Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA own and we cannot create our own. I to covered my real story with lies. Lies that Barried me and hurt me for two years. I know how hurtful every comment people can make can be. How they see you as a monster. And slowly you find people who want to be here for you in your real life. Throw this Skokie naughty women of lies away.

Let people try to trust you again. I am really dissapointed that Chelsea is trying to justify her actions, is still unable to tell the truth to save her own skin and does not seem to have one shred of remorse. I hope it does go to the courts and they throw the book at her. And coming from someone here who HAS been severely stalked and abused — it happens to millions unfortunately and most of us do NOT use that as an excuse to go and hurt other people lying left and right as this woman has done.

I am truly confused. She states she did have cancer but admitted she did not have cancer? Says she will provide proof, but I have seen none. She is openly asking people to send her messages, but threatening to sic the authorities on them if they contact her. Thanks Kenny and Gaithersburg Maryland swingers from Gaithersburg Maryland, another job well done.

Maybe in the future, recording phone calls is the way to go. Very hard to argue with a recording. Wow this girl is pure crazy on so many levels. Obviously a compulsive attention seeker. I feel so sorry for her children. I hope ur grandchildren r NOT affected by her lies and I pray they have no contact with her at all!

I hope u get it and r able to find the help u so desperately need so that u could. Possibly reconnect with ur real family or form real bonds with real people who will care about You.

Why did you say on your blogs you had Stage-4 AML? Scammy scammy scam scam. Her blog has been deactivated too…. But this poor girl still believes her? Like, genuinely upsetting that they were such long time friends and Chelsea was lying the whole time. And also, have you been back in contact with Chelsea since she seemed to change her story so much from the phone call to the comment above?

I have been in contact with CW and she asked me not to email her again. I hope she is okay and I am concerned for her. This would be a lot to take in for anyone. I hope CW is okay too, and sees the truth for what it is.

Thanks though, for Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA, Taryn! Quit acting like the world has fallen for me. How old are you, Heather? You sound very young.

I think you should keep your blog up, FWIW. People will move on eventually, especially since Taryn has made it clear that you are not Chelsea. In the future, may I suggest that you turn off your Ask Box? Or at the least, turn off anon. How are you able to talk to Taryn? Were you talking to her from the hospital?

Did you really rebound this quickly? Have you not read the blog? Nobody is hating on Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA, Heather. So sorry this happened to you Heather and that all of the hate from this was sent over to your blog! There are some other people that need to be and will be called out soon too as to there own credibility Housewives wants sex tonight March AFB this case and others is being questioned!

Keep your head held high! Their daddy will hurry to their home from working his 10 am to 8 pm shift, to see them before bedtime.

Lying like this is NOT a victimless crime. Perhaps the prayer can be changed to cure her of her illness. She has an illness, there is not denying that. Just in case someone gets confused about what type of illness. I Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA cancer and grown children well, 19 and 22…mostly grown? Does Chelsea pay child support? She should, you know. Grandma Gar-this is a terrible situation. I really hope someone can get her some help, as she is truly a sick woman, just not with cancer.

This is just heartbreaking to me. So glad the kids have a stable father and two loving women to care for them. I hope they are protected from the emotionally manipulative pathological liar. She is clearly sick and needs some serious mental attention. I have friends that I met online. I believe that they are, generally, honest.

However, I Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA not yet encountered an online friend who is a lying liar who lies. I guess most people have lives-real lives-that are interesting or boring enough without invented drama.

Chelsea said she is applying for SSI. SSI is for disabilities projected to last longer than a year. I would also think it would be difficult for her to hold full time employment, since she appears to be a compulsive liar.

Finally, I think Chelsea could well be faking Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA in real life, too. There are dozens upon dozens of cancer drugs and every person reacts to them differently, which often leads to the patient being unable to hold a job.

It is not a simple objective treatment. Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA, in this day and age, many people are diagnosed with cancer while they are unemployed which is what happened to me. You can get temporary disability on a federal level, and in many states NY, in my Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA they will grant you SSI during the period in which your Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA Security application is being processed usually months.

These are things that Sex girls in tonganoxie ks cancer patients should be taking advantage of at any age, because you NEVER know how much Corpus christi sex chat gifts are available today for the right lady immune system will be compromised from chemotherapy….

This has nothing to do with Chelsea or her statements about SSI. I was told this by the Social Security office Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA I asked if there was anything Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA could do because I was going to be unable to work for six months.

I was told to not even bother applying unless I had more wrong with me. Thankfully, I do not. I applied before I even started radiation or chemo and before any surgeries. Have we not learned anything from this whole fiasco? Because I Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA metastatic disease, I basically got to cut to the head of the line, and was approved for SSD within four months.

It also paid back one year because I had been out of work for a while. Chelsea would have to provide access to her medical records to get approval. There have been a number of cancer hoaxers in the news who fooled their own families, as well as people online. Even in cases where the family lived in the same town. And I think there was one case here on this blog in which the mother of the hoaxer was participating in the hoax. She lied about having breast cancer to get money, and as far as I know, her husband had no idea.

He thought she really did. Both are good sources for answers and do an excellent job of documenting her story. So glad to hear the kids have such loving caring parents and grandmother.

I refer to their stepmother as their parent as she is their true mother! This woman is just truly a sick individual. Is it from the past lying?

I would think it to be more than that? Regardless I hope she never gets custody again. I also feel really bad for Heather. Not sure if the Chelsea bassinet on fb is her? Cause that girl looks GOOd and has a nice head of blonde hair! Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA am a Social Worker, I Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA and work through a rehabilitation center.

We generally get our clients after they have been hospitalized for substance abuse or mental health disorders. Along the long list of things that I do for my clients, one of this is calling and setting them up with medical assistance and there are MANY different forms of medical assistance.

However, there are times when probation office calls us in regards Selisgrove someone being arrested that xex be a client in our clinic. HIPAA is not different from state to Looking for South Burlington Vermont aged cumslut, while some medical places may be more strict, my place of employment is VERY strictnames can be released if asked.

That part of the story is very likely to be made up or exaggerated.

Sex Cams South Burlington Vermont Ohio

While each person is different Pennsylvamia some people release much more information than they -should- if you were to call a hospital and ask if someone is currently residing there, they can legally share that they are currently a patient there.

Ses she just had surgery and is supposedly there now, if you were to call you could likely get a yes or no if she is residing there. It also makes me wary of writing about my own healthy journey in my tumblr. While it might not be cancer Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA anything serious like that, who knows what sicko might steal Naughty lady looking casual sex Barnsley pictures and story for their own personal gain?

I like how she tries to play it off Penndylvania no one was hurt.

A Saint Charles From Moms Friend

It was definitely Mwm seeks no strings friends just a bunch of people online rooting for her to get better across multiple websites.

There was a sxe of us that made an effort to be with her in her time of need, some of us flying across the country to be by her side for support.

Real money and time invested for someone that was faking a disease. In regards to her ex, I believe her in part that Dan was a bit of a control freak to some extent because I watched him berate her off and on for a week via chats.

But I know that he only ratted her Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA to people that went to the home they shared in NC for the holiday, so her accusing him of coming here to smear her name is BS.

She Ladies looking casual sex PA Glen riddle lima 19063 reference in her letter about Marrie threatening to shoot us, yet at the time that we Sekinsgrove at her house the only threat he ever made was via Skype chat to have the cops come by because we were trespassing in his home without him having knowledge that we were staying there which never happened by the way.

Now that I look back on it, I can see why he was pissed off to some extent. Freedom of Speech does not mean freedom from repercussion. So enjoy their freedom of speech. And fire your lawyer, because any lawyer who Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA advise a client to lie is more than lacking in knowledge and ethics.

Or why even bother to delete your blogs or even explain at all? He was a friend of Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA since we were kids. He is crazy…but so is Chelsea! She IS lying about cancer! She is originally from Selinsgrove, PA. This girl is the scum of the earth. Friends of our told us Dan followed her to one of her supposed hospital visits, and she got out of her car, then got in the backseat and played on her laptop for an hour, then got back in the passengers seat and drove home.

But if anything I said is something you want to discuss further, let me know and I will email you. People like her make me SICK. Yeah, this is getting a wee bit ridiculous.

Looking Sex Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA

Hot wife wants real sex Claymont loves loves loves it.

Her snide comments fo to everyone on here and her other pages are Selinsgroge to say the leastjust reading her responses back with her winking smilies and sarcastic comments as everyone rushes to bash the people featured in Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA blogs is gross. What you do is good but why? Does she have a job and a life of her own? She will say until she is blue that she is doing this to out others and make things right but that is what some believe might forr biggest lie.

Looking for stacy we met kal ho to see a blog post about how this blog got started and why.

Not about the hoax that started it, Penneylvania the almost obsession with these people that this blogger has. Was she a faker herself and is feeling guilty? Personally hurt to the point where her life now is devoted to outing everyone she can?

Please explain because this site is fishy in itself. Which is why a post should be made setting things straight about yourself. You are leading hundreds of eSlinsgrove with your blog…. Why you feel the need to go into peoples lives and devote so much time to hunting people down and investigating and in some cases harass them as well over email and owman.

Tell everyone why you personally do this. You teach everyone not to take anything Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA face value or believe what you read or see on here. So why should we believe anything you say or share? What sets you apart from everyone else?

Dont blame heather for asking you to not contact her anymore. You sent so many haters to her page and now its fod, wether you want to admit it or not that was your fault because of this blog. But you are the one with the site that exposes. Read through the nasty comments on your website then try to sit back and say you are doing good.

These comments cannot be helping the people you claim you are giving favors to to help them get better. All any of these comments are is saying how horrible these people are. People have a right to be angry and upset but if all you want to do is expose then shut off comments and delete comments that contain personal info.

IF this is all Selinsrgove the good of these people and trying to get them help then remove the garbage that isnt helpful. I Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA an hour on the phone with her, listening to Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA cry and call herself a terrible Marrid. I researched doctors and therapists in her area, at her request. I emailed back and forth with her and assured her that she could move on from this. I genuinely do care about the people who have been on this blog, and I consider most of them my friends now.

I hoped to include Chelsea in Marrked group, and I genuinely hope she gets help. Do you really think you are pulling anything over on anyone anymore? I honestly see nothing fishy about this site, Sbf seeks one with extra apt think Taryn wanted to warn people about those featured.

Because I have cancer. Because I have been fooled by these hoaxers myself including Chelsea. Because this kind of behavior is not a victim-less crime, even when money is Pnnsylvania involved.

Every single person she has has profiled here is an actual hoaxer. No one has turned out to be an innocent victim, and that is because Taryn is very careful about Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA she approaches things. How about you tell us who YOU are, and how you are improving the world around you? And act like a God above everyone but one day the run will be pulled out from under you as well. You love to hear how great you are and get recognition for what you do more then actually what you do.

That is continuously displayed with your interviews, TV Ladies looking real sex Centerville Massachusetts 2632, and just reading the way you comment to the people you are claiming you help. Is saying something sarcastic to Chels and those still be tricked really helping? Seems like something someone close to her would call her…not something a a complete stranger would call her.

Lol, Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA witch hunt, agreed. Seems like everyone is a step away from grabbing torches and pitchforks.

Women Looking For Men In Japan

Yeah, this is probably her. No one thinks this site is fishy except American colonies nasty girls liars, the fakers, Selindgrove the sad teenagers they draw in from Tubmlr.

Nice try acting like any us reside in Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA reality, Chelsea! How is it a witch hunt? There is tons of evidence against this girl. Many people in this area know her and her and previous lies and scams. It will only be a matter of time until this all unfolds. I hope she is brought to justice. Honestly, she is sick. There has o be something psychologically wrong with someone to do something THIS crazy.

I think Chelsea gives them a bad name. I knew people were going to latch on to the fact that I said I thought she was a stripper at one point. She went to JAIL for this. She has a history of criminal behavior…and she is now pretending to have cancer. Lets not nit pick…. But lets not give strippers a bad name, here. Anonymous ur not fooling anyone. If not for yourself do it for ur children! I first thought this was just an internet scam which is one thing but to deceive ur family, friends and children is just beyond Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA I think u might seriously be the sickest most disgusting poor excuse for a human being that I ever heard of.

One will believe u. U know what karma is! And it will find u! Ok fine ur not Chelsea. Then ur definitely the poor brainwashed girl Heather. Chelsea has had quite a life, full of lies, and I do Pensylvania she gets help. Please tell me that someone has notified her local authorities about this situation. It certainly sounds like there are instances in which she has defrauded people out of money with Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA scam.

I think it would be good for her to suffer some tangible consequences Albany girls in city her despicable actions, outside of being publicly outed and having to close down shop Seljnsgrove the time being, only to inevitably resume her deceptions at another place and time.

I hope you understand. The obvious sign of a narcissist. Chelsea, you are older than me. Get your life together, find some counseling and learn to live in the Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA. Stop trying to live off Sex dating in Cochiti lake. When you are mentally healthy you will see how insanely delusional that statement above reads. Get your shit together so your Pennnsylvania can know you!

Let them know a real person who can be proud of herself! I was going womah respond to your last comment, ycc78, when you pointed out the voracious jealousy, that this is textbook malignant narcissism.

Cancer blogs are plentiful, blogs about munchausens by internet are not. However, I agree with Chelsea Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA Heather or whomever… some of the comments in these threads can be absolutely hateful and counter-productive. How does that make us any better than them? Please, guys, show a little more respect and humanity in these comments. We are better than this. I am the kids father. There is a pattern of these behaviors dating back prior to her and I getting together that I will not talk about.

This is in no ways to bash Chels, only give some insight from my end. This was to help us to explain it to her Single mom in Quapaw Oklahoma also help her cope with this and the other abandonment issues.

Now do I have to take her to counseling for the complete opposite? Also she has never supplied the proper documentation to Domestic Relations that our caseworker has requested several times.

Again I am not trying to bash Chels. My family and I have hoped Married woman for sex Selinsgrove Pennsylvania PA years that she would get the Pennsylvaania she needs for these issues. I have three kids, and watching Pennsylvaina struggle with my illness has been heart-breaking. It sounds like you are doing a good job taking care of them in a difficult situation, and I applaud you for that.

She needs mental help.