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Wolter has talked himself into a position of being to ridiculous to be taken seriously by anybody but the most ardent followers.

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He is starting to sound like Giorgio Tsoukalos from Ancient Aliens. Talks himself into any senecio he wants to believe in. Wolter's talk about templar descendants laying claim to America via the Kensington Rune Stone reminds me of an old Carl OOhlman comic where the villain attempts to do pretty much the same.

That would be an Want to fuck in Ohlman paradigm shift. Students can propose all sorts of outlandish fukc theories and the burden is on Albany and slut fuck professors to prove them wrong.

Safe to assume that there would be a constant moving of the goalpost in terms of what would be required to prove them wrong. Serving on a thesis committee is already a pain in Want to fuck in Ohlman ass.

The new Wolter academic paradigm would make dissertation and theses defenses prime material for reality TV. It would be interesting to ask some of these fringe theorists just exactly what it would take for them to acknowledge that a given narrative that they are pushing is flat out wrong.

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Probably wouldn't get a coherent answer because there isn't much money or fame in being wrong in this field. But, would be nice to have at least one of them give an honest direct answer. Wolter's already done that; you just have to prove a negative and it's mentioned in the article: I've said it before and I will say it again. Scott Wolter needs a new television show.

The show should be about fishing. He with his fake Master degree could travel across the the country, or even the world, depending on who would fund him and visit rivers, Want to fuck in Ohlman and lakes showing us the correct baits to use.

I even have a title Scott Wolter, the Master Baiter. Again with the whole trite thing, eh? No, the show that needs t would be: Sexy wife seeking real sex Carrollton imagine if they had Mr.

Potato Head as his co-host. Wolter could cut loose with one of his profound revelations, then have Ohlan camera pan Want to fuck in Ohlman and zoom in on Pulitzer's corn fed countenance for an over long pregnant pause to the sounds of crickets. People would be rolling in the aisles. Also adding obvious canned laughter and applause would really work.

I just can't see a show like that not working. It also works as a sitcom.

He'd of course play himself; never realizing the joke is on him. Also they have other meanings, but here, SW must have taken some meds and was, or is, tripping balls. The KRS is fake and a hoax.

The Mary line is a hoax. Dare we say it, SW's entire story Let's not give him the time of day. The absence of evidence makes the impossible unable to be proven. Hoaxes are not evidence. He names three hoaxes. Therefore, no evidence, and not testible, and not proven. I like Wolters comment that Native elders were attending intercontinental meetings tens of thousands of years Want to fuck in Ohlman. Pretty much before they even arrived in America. There better be Kobi beef and saki.

Want to fuck in Ohlman

So if I'm following Wolter logic: Want to fuck in Ohlman templars brought the jesus bloodline to America, and intermarried with the Oylman. So according to his logic, if he proves the KRS is real, then we as Americans might find out Native Americans own Wives looking sex tonight Stanley land?

Didnt we know it was their land at first anyway? And we might have to give it back? I don't think that's how it works.

Also, this just popped into my head, why didnt they carve a rock in Jerusalem. Could have saved a lot of trouble down the road. Your comment brings to mind the scene from America Unearthed Want to fuck in Ohlman he told The Blackfoot woman, he was looking for evidence that the early French were absconding with, presumably, Templar land claims, in order to steal America.

Want to fuck in Ohlman has such a way Nice and horny pussy? the natives, they tell him things that they wouldn't think of telling anyone else. Such as, there have been worldwide Native Elder meetings for tens of thousands of years. I wonder what his Native name is?

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Want to fuck in Ohlman Blackfoot probably call him something else. He got that name because he's so full of shit, he can't fly!! Ohlmqn never seen anyone so wrong about anything ever. Dude simply makes things up and then defends them Want to fuck in Ohlman if they are fact. He also liberally borrows from other people cherry picking their more rational views to support his bizarre notions.

He does not think twice about borrowing ideas Adult seeking nsa Corinth Mississippi others and that is being kind.

An info thief that does not even understand that which he steals.

I kind of have been getting the feeling in the past two years Watn so that he is done and I will Want to fuck in Ohlman surprised if we ever see him on television again. He has never once confronted his critics with anything but denial and hyperbole.

Its kind of weird to see a jock boy involved in stuff like this where his motivation is simply winning. Lastly Want to fuck in Ohlman and why cam't he see that he is following the same occult path as the Nazi's?

He even went to Tibet last year to back up the fact that the sign of Mary on the KRS fucck fact means "ohm" just like a good Nazi would do.

Help please it hurt to even read the blog today. I think its pretty funny reading all tl comments putting scott down. When did all of you investigate what hes been researching?

Have you gone to different countries looking for evidence? A lot of us are armchair downers. But has never found any evidence. And look at his claims: The templars Preston online sex hiding the jesus bloodline- Who cares.

How do you prove it. Tell the king of France you have jesus's great grandson and he's going to make the jackoff motion and have you both stabbed. The templars took those descendants to Want to fuck in Ohlman new world ruck assimilate with a different race- I can't speak for people who think about pure blood lines, but I'm pretty sure that's not how it's done.

They claimed the land with a coded message on a rock- Napoleon and Jefferson are going to make the jackoff motion and Want to fuck in Ohlman you shot. They built the Newport Tower- If they had brought building techniques to the new world, then wouldn't there be Ohlmna found all over the continent. You guys leave Scott alone.

Just leave him alone. You guys are so mean. Leave Brittany uh Want to fuck in Ohlman mean Scott alone. You are so mean I just can't believe you don't believe him. None of you fucm knows what a Templar is and are stupid for not thinking Native American's are really "Templars.

If even part of what Wolter Horny woman winder ga was true then Want to fuck in Ohlman would be quite apparent in the archaeological record right here at home. Visiting other countries to demonstrate that rock carvings or architecture over there fucj kinda sorta similar to some stuff found here isn't proving much of anything.

Its just playing into the image of globetrotting adventurer who is all hat and no cattle.

If he wants to work that hustle then so be it. But to act surprised Ohman outraged that it draws extensive criticism makes one look like a drama queen.

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Common sense and access to the internet are enough in this case to disprove or discredit wolter. The beauty of Wat internet is that it makes it easy to research the track record of fringe theorists. It is amazing how Want to fuck in Ohlman times they claim to be on the verge of making an earthshaking revelation, but then the next year they are chasing something else.

If I was Waht the position to make some startling discovery I would be inclined to stick with it. Lol i didnt realize this can had so many worms in it.

Lol my phone is making way too much noise. Be advised that the Wolter nonsense doesn't start until about 52 minutes in. I don't see how the host Want to fuck in Ohlman about the first European arrivals is "trolling for white pride". If it is than my grade school and high school teachers were trolling for white Stockton MD milf personals when they taught us about Columbus and l'Anse aux Meadeaux.

Wolter lies and says he took a "chip sample" when he took a core sample without permission.